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Comedy Wire Inc.

 Welcome to Comedy Wire Inc., the umbrella corporation encompassing all projects by husband-and-wife writing/creative team, Pat Reeder & Laura Ainsworth!

Our Story

The Comedy Wire story began when writer/voice/producer/major market DJ Pat Reeder left his position as head writer of the Morning Punch syndicated radio prep service, which under his tenure was honored in a trade magazine survey as the Best Daily Scripted Prep Service in the industry.  He and his top freelance writer Laura Ainsworth launched their own daily radio news/humor/commentary service, The Comedy Wire, originally syndicated by MPT Productions, and later Mike King Productions.  The Comedy Wire was used by top radio DJs and talk show hosts worldwide, and was hailed for its extreme topicality, the accuracy of its capsule news features and the biting wit of its punchlines.  Clients were more likely to compare it to the Daily Show or Jay Leno's monologues than to other radio prep services.  Because it offered subscriber confidentiality, we can't name its clients, but they stretched across the political spectrum and around the world, including one morning show that was chosen as the best in its format two years in a row in a major, network-televised award program.

The Comedy Wire radio service ceased publication in 2012 when Pat and Laura became too busy with other projects, including books, public appearances and contributing to Cumulus Media's Mike Huckabee Show and The Huckabee Report, the most popular short-form feature in radio, heard three times daily on up to 600 stations. 

Today, Comedy Wire Inc. is the blanket organization handling all of Pat and Laura's projects, which encompass news, humor and commentary writing; radio commercials (their work has appeared on the RAB's "Best of the Month" sampler); corporate communications and training programs for such companies as Sylvania and Southwestern Bell; music production; live speeches and performances; research, fact-checking, creative consulting and editing services.  They produce music CDs through their indie label Eclectus Records; write and publish their own books and ebooks (Nine Hallmarks of Highly Incompetent Losers, Hollywood Hi-Fi, The Best of the Comedy Wire and the humorous military memoir, The Sub-Par Adventures of Snakebite & Stonefinger); and work on contract for a number of clients, including New York Times bestselling authors, comedians, political figures and others. 


PAT REEDER:   In addition to his work as a writer/researcher and humorist, Pat is an acclaimed public speaker who has appeared before many audiences, from the Texas Optimists' Club state convention to the Northup Grumman National Accounting Seminar.  His humorous "reverse self-help book," Nine Hallmarks of Highly Incompetent Losers, is now available through Amazon in a newly updated Kindle and print edition.  Coming soon, an expanded and updated Kindle edition of Pat and George Gimarc's cult classic, Hollywood Hi-Fi (

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:  Aside from being an ITVA Golden Reel Award-winning writer for her corporate training programs,
Laura is also a second generation musical prodigy whose serious recordings and live shows feature her stunning three-octave voice and critically-acclaimed retro jazz style. 

"You can keep all those pop divas...The only one for me is Laura Ainsworth... A wonderful modern interpreter of the Great American Songbook as well as thoroughly modern styles." -- Eric Harabadian, Jazz Inside  

Laura is currently working on her third album, executive-produced by Jack Kreisberg, Grammy-winning producer and founder of the legendary Half Note jazz label.  She also recently performed as part of the WOA Records India Tour and WOA International Music Festival Goa and Dubai.  You can hear her music and learn more at her homepage, or on Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation,, iTunes and 

Contact Laura at

For press inquiries or booking or work requests, email or phone (972) 263-3381


In addition to their daily writing for top-rated national radio shows, Pat & Laura have several other
projects we know you'll enjoy, from music to books to live performances! 


Click here to download Laura Ainsworth's "Keep It
            To Yourself" from!
Laura Ainsworth's terrific debut CD Keep It To Yourself and the critically-acclaimed follow-up Necessary Evil are available at, iTunes and  Produced and arranged by 2011 Dallas Jazz Musician of the Year, Brian Piper, both feature great songs from the 1920s to today, with fresh twists on standards and obscure gems.  Multiple tracks are being played on stations as far away as France, Australia and Buenos Aires, landing the album on JazzWeek's top radio airplay chart.

Music critics are falling in love with
Laura's gorgeous, nearly-three-octave voice, supported by some of the best jazz musicians in the Southwest!  Reviewers have called her voice "sublime," "sultry," "swoon-inducing," "stunning," "magic," "impossibly-old fashioned," "transcendent," "a jewel of a voice" and "the very portrait of West Coast cool."  Her albums have earned comparisons to the classic Capitol and Verve LPs of the '50s.

he lead CD review of the "Vocalists" issue of Jazz Inside magazine raved that you can keep all those pop divas like Beyonce, Mariah and Lady Gaga, "the only one for me is Laura Ainsworth...Ainsworth has beauty, brains, sophistication and comic timing that make her the total performance package...A wonderful modern interpreter of the Great American Songbook, as well as thoroughly modern styles." 
Fellow musicians have also taken notice.  Billboard #1 New Age artist Wouter Kellerman declared Necessary Evil "amazing," "a "must-have" and said, "
I strongly believe this is a timeless album, a treat and an absolute pleasure to listen to."  Recording artist and renowned classical pianist Michael Lewin of the Boston Conservatory declared Laura's rendition of Cole Porter's "Love For Sale" from Keep It To Yourself to be "the best EVER," adding, "I was brought up on Ella, but this is better." 

A three-time nominee for the Artist Music Guild Heritage Award for Female Vocalist of the Year and 2014 Mainstream Artist of the Year nominee, Laura performed at the nationally televised awards show alongside such stars as Gloria Gaynor, Billy Gilman, Shirley Caesar, Dee Dee Sharp and Chubby Checker.

In January 2015, Laura enjoyed her first tour of India and Dubai as part of the
WOA Records India Tour and WOA International Music Festival Goa and Dubai.  While in India, she shot a video of the title track of "Necessary Evil" that was accepted by VH1 and other top music video outlets.   She also recorded with Grammy-winning world music artist and composer/producer Ricky Kej, and he created a dance/club remix of "Necessary Evil" that also has its own video.  "Necessary Evil" was also picked up for a North American rerelease by American Showplace Music, label of Grammy-winning producer Jack Kreisberg (legendary former manager of the Blue Note jazz club and founder of Half Note Records), who will be producing Laura's third album in his New Jersey studio, where Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and many other major stars record.  


ead more and receive THREE FREE SONGS at! 

If you are in radio and would like a free promotional MP3 for airplay, contact Pat Reeder with your call letters and market now!

Laura's Live Shows


In addition to being a world class comedy writer and a fabulous
babe, Laura Ainsworth is also an amazing singer, keeping alive and reinventing the great retro-jazz style music she grew up with as the daughter of renowned big band musician, Billy Ainsworth.  For audio and video clips, rave reviews, or to inquire about bookings, visit her home page at  

For live performance videos, photos and more,
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  Books & Speeches

Pat and Laura have written several fun books that make great gifts or excellent resources for public speakers in search of some humorous anecdotes and sharp one-liners.

Their "reverse self-help" book, Nine Hallmarks of Highly Incompetent Losers, uses over 200 hilarious Comedy Wire  stories to illustrate nine basic mistakes made by everyone  from dumb criminals to corporate CEOs and goverment  leaders.   It includes a very funny Foreword by Presidential candidate and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. 



Pat also does a very funny live presentation on the Nine Hallmarks of Losers for corporate, civic and charity groups.   To see live video and find out how to book him as your speaker, click here!

Nine Hallmarks of Highly Incompetent Losers is wonderful -- It's like eating really delicious candy.  You just can't stop because you know the next bit is going to be just as satisfying."

-- Steve Young, Emmy Award-Winning Writer
"Late Show With David Letterman"

NEW!  The Hollywood Hi-Fi Website is now online, with tons of fun stuff!

To read excerpts from Hollywood Hi-Fi, Pat's hilarious history of bizarre celebrity recordings by everyone from William Shatner to Joan Rivers (as seen in Playboy, In Style and The Star and on Inside Edition and Day & Date, and named by one major newspaper as "Best Weird Book of the Year"), click here,  You'll also find video reviews of outrageous celebrity albums and much more!   To request that Pat and co-author George Gimarc give their uproarious live presentation, complete with audio clips of these rare, jaw-dropping records, click here and scroll down

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Rosey the cockatiel

 Rosey, the handicapable cockatiel, the late
 beloved mascot of the Comedy Wire.
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