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By Pat Reeder & Laura Ainsworth

Testimonials From Deliriously
Happy Comedy Wire Readers!

And you can easily join them!  Just request a two week,
ABSOLUTELY FREE trial subscription to the Comedy Wire! 

There is no obligation and never any hard sell or unexpected charges.
Just try it for two weeks, and if you like it, we'll keep it coming.

With so many radio services around, why choose the Comedy Wire?

Unlike other prep services that promise a lot of material ("25 pages!" "50 pages!"), then bury you in reams of wire copy you can find anywhere, plus hit-or-miss gags from freelancers or Internet sources that your competitors have already mined, every word of the Comedy Wire is written by the award-winning team of Pat Reeder & Laura Ainsworth.

Pat and Laura work all night, searching the wondrous Worldwide Web for the stories your listeners will be buzzing about today.  They condense all the pertinent facts into short, ready-to-air capsule form to cut down your prep time, then add multiple one-liners from a variety of viewpoints; jokes that are smart, funny, original, and informed by years of radio and comedy  stage experience and a ridiculously broad knowledge of news, history and pop culture.  Clients are more likely to compare it to Jay Leno, Dennis Miller or "The Daily Show" than to other radio services.  It all goes out around 4:30 a.m. CST, "hot off the presses," with incredibly timely material that often scoops the morning papers.

The rates are very affordable - your show can have its own exclusive newws research/comedy writing team for as little as $1 a day in the smallest markets!   A special discount is available for advance payment.  You can even put it on a credit card or pay via PayPal!  And because it's market-exclusive, not station-exclusive, you can use it on every  station your company owns in that market for one low price.  Or ask about a group owner rate for stations in multiple markets.

Many of our clients do a special "weird news" daily segment using lines from the Comedy Wire.  It's one of their most popular bits with listeners, making it easy to sell a sponsorship and generate enough ad revenue in just one day to pay for the cost of an entire month of the service. 

That's why, for over 16 years, The Comedy Wire has been the gold standard of scripted show prep services, used by top-rated, major-market, hall-of-fame talents who have won national awards as the best in their formats!

For your two-week FREE trial, send us an email or phone 972-263-3381.

Here's what Comedy Wire readers have to say...

"Pat Reeder and Laura Ainsworth's Comedy Wire is as much a part of my morning reading routine as the Bible and the morning paper.  It may not be as important as the Bible, but it sure as heck is more pleasurable than the morning paper...In the interest of full disclosure, I confess that some mornings, I've hated Pat and Laura as well -- those days when I laughed so hard, I spewed coffee all over my computer keyboard or had to change shirts, or (please don't tell this!) pants."

                                                                        -- Mike Huckabee
                                                                           Former Arkansas Governor/2008 Presidential Candidate

"Dear Pat & Laura:  Just a short note to tell you how consistently falling-down funny your Comedy Wire is.  Highlight of many a day is one of your choice sardonic or tongue-in-cheek observations.  Truly original and truly clever.  In a world so full of blah, blah, blah, politically-correct blah blah blah, you sure sound good.

We love this product.  WE LOVE THIS PRODUCT!"

                                                                       -- Lee Bruner, President
                                                                          USA NEWS NETWORK            

"From the heart: We have used prep and comedy services for 25 years, and all pale in comparison to The Wire!  You always find the most talked-about stories, and provide solid, airable punchlines to go with them..Gives us a fresh take on current events, without the political correctness of other, more agenda-driven services...We depend on The Wire every day!"

                                                                     -- Hudson & Harrigan Show
                                                                        KILT-FM, Houston, TX

“For over 10 years, I’ve checked on what Pat and Laura think on a story, a line, an idea…Something to get me started on that story, too...Also, the edited stories give all the info and save me hours of reading time.”

                                                         -- Steve Harmon, KODJ, Salt Lake City
                                                           (CMA DJ of the Year, 3x Billboard DJ of the Year)

"I have been a Comedy Wire subscriber since the mid '90's and they DELIVER quality stuff EVERY DAY!  They have been THE service I rely on every day I sit behind the mike.  Comedy Wire is consistent in its topicality and the ability to pay off for me every morning."

                                                          -- Rhubarb Jones, The Eagle 106.7-FM, Atlanta, GA
                                                                                  2001 Inductee, Country Music Disc Jockey Hall of Fame

"I’m normally a pretty dull guy, but using the Comedy Wire gives me the ability to be witty, sage, a comedic genius, #1 in the ratings and good looking. I don’t know how I survived doing mornings without it...If your competition isn't already using the Comedy Wire, GRAB IT!!!  It makes an otherwise good morning show topical and hilarious. Your DJ's will sound like their comedy IQ went up 30 points.”
                                                           -- Gary Cummings, GM, Inland Northwest Brooadcasting
                                                              KZFN-KRPL-KZZL-KRAO-KMAX-KCLX, Moscow, ID

“Fifteen years. That’s how long I have used, loved and laughed at the ‘Wire. My morning staple, which helped me make the transition to talk radio.”

                                                          -- Al Caldwell, KLVI, Beaumont, TX
                                                             2006 Inductee, Texas Radio Hall of Fame

"Pat and Laura are simply the best. I really couldn't do it without them. I almost feel guilty cashing the bonus checks. Almost."
                                                            -- Chris Reiser, Chris & Sherry in the Morning, Krater 96-Honolulu

“I based a lot of my morning show around the Comedy Wire. It paid off. The ratings for the morning show skyrocketed! Thank you again for such a topical and hilarious prep service!!!...THANK YOU !!! THANK YOU !!! THANK YOU !!!"
                                                            --  Bob Cain, Oldiez 96/WODZ, Utica/RRome, NY

"The Comedy Wire is the best, and I've seen 'em all. Fresh, funny and relevant material overnight, written by news & comedy pros. Worth every penny. Pat & Laura are phenomenal."

                                                              -- Gary Sadlemyer, 1110-KFAB, Omaha, NE

“Love you guys!…We're long-time subscribers. Story selection and smart-ass comments are a perfect fit for our 25-54 audience.”  
                                                               -- Kent and Alan, STAR 101.5-KPLZ, Seattle

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoy The Comedy Wire!  I get ALL THE GOOD STUFF first!  I'm using stories that even Paul Harvey dosen't have later in my show! Very well-written...Use the punch lines, make up your own, or let the story or  report stand alone.  Always accurate, funny, interesting and timely!"

                                                            -- Jeff Pigeon,Morning Show Host, WIBC, Indianapolis
                                                               2005 Marconi Legendary Station of the Year
                                                               2005 News-Talk Station of the Year

"If you have to choose one comedy service to keep you topical...informed...& has to be The Comedy Wire... The Best Service Anywhere!...Pat and Laura are 'on top of it!'"

                                                                                  -- Don Cannon, WOGL, CBS Radio, Phila. PA

"I don't know how we could do mornings without the Comedy Wire.  Many of our listeners say the little kicker stories and news tidbits are their favorite part of the morning.   As disc jockeys, its difficult for us to read every news source available, so it's nice to have it all neatly packaged in one service."

                                                                                   -- Carol Turner, 96KX Radio, Lincoln, NE

"Every day, Comedy Wire nails it with truly usable topical jokes.  They must work all night long because it's fresh each weekday morning at 6 a.m.!"

                                                                                   -- Bennett & Birch, Wink 96.9-FM, Fort Myers, FL

"Exhaustion, hangovers and fending off process servers before dawn usually gets in the way of adequate show prep for us, but thanks to the Comedy Wire, even we sound intelligent, informed and witty!"

                                                               -- The Todd & Bob Show, WIKX, Ft. Myerrs/Naples, FL


"There are a lot of prep services available via e-mail and on the net - only a handful are full of dynamite, usable prep every single day and the Comedy Wire is one of them! Buy it!!!!!"

                                                                                 -- Rick O'Shea
                                                                                    FM 104, Dublin, Ireland


"Sharp, Edgy, Topical...The Comedy Wire is the smart, slightly deranged kid in the back of the room...Pat and Laura make for an awesome support staff.  I wake up at noon, eat doughnuts, and torment my dog, assured that Pat and Laura have written great jokes for my radio show.  Plus, I'm cancelling my subscription to 'Grit.'  I get all the news I need from THE COMEDY WIRE!"

                                                                                  -- Terry Meiners, News/Talk
                                                                                     WHAS, Louisville, KY

"My radio days ended long ago, but as a professional comedy entertainer, I keep right on top of current comedy with the help of the Comedy Wire...The Comedy Wire helps keep me updated and funny on the current, the clever and the obscure...It is a key to keeping my laughs fresh entertaining the masses on cruise ships, casinos and for corporate dates. Humor ripped right from the headlines is a slogan that works for me, and the Comedy Wire helps provide that factor...I highly recommend it to any professional speaker, as the topical edge helps you leap over the mundane comic performer."

                                                                       --  Mark Merchant,

"Converting from a long-time afternoon drive jock to mornings was not the easiest thing in the world to do. But we owe a huge thanks to the Comedy Wire crew for getting us up and rolling each morning with the latest and greatest stories in the land. If it was not for Comedy Wire and five pots of coffee, we would probably be out of jobs!"

                                                                                    --  Kris Cooper
                                                                                        WDRK Eau Claire, WI

"Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much we enjoy and use Comedy Wire. We first discovered Pat and Laura years ago when they worked for another service. When they left that service, so did we. It was months later we found them and the Comedy Wire, and have been with them ever since. We even had it put into our contracts when we changed stations last June. We went from a CHR female audience to a Classic Rock male dominated audience, and didn't miss a beat.   That's how versatile your service is.  Keep up the great job!"

                                                                              --  Scott & Scott
                                                                                  Rock 106, Peoria IL


"I've been in radio for over 25 years and was never even tempted to subscribe to a comedy service until I saw yours."

                                         -- A morning show host in the Western U.S. who asked to remain anonymous

...And there are many more, but since we offer client confidentiality
(Shhhh!), we can't tell you their names.  But we can tell you they are top-ranked hosts in major markets around the world, whose shows have won the highest awards in their formats, and they privately credit the Comedy Wire for making a great contribution to their success.  Want to join them?  Drop us a line!...

All material © copyright 2005-2008 by Pat Reeder & Laura Ainsworth.